MetroWest League

About MetroWest Basketball

MetroWest Basketball is a competitive travel league with games against other cities and towns in the greater MetroWest area.  Every year, there are teams for girls in grades 5-8 and boys in grades 4-8.  If there are enough players, there will be teams for girls and boys in fourth grade as well.  Players can play up a grade only if there is no team for their grade level. Teams practice twice a week with games on Sunday.

Participation in the MetroWest League through WYBA is open to all players who live in Wayland and to METCO students attending Wayland Schools.

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Playing on a MetroWest team requires a significant time commitment for both games and practices. Players should only try out for a team if they are willing and able to commit to basketball as their primary winter sport. Players should not try out for a team if they anticipate conflicts with other sports or activities.


Players who anticipate conflicts with the MetroWest schedule are strongly encouraged to register for the Tri-Town program.


Please read the following tryout guidelines carefully.


  1. There will be tryouts for all teams if there are a sufficient number of players with which to field a team.


  1. If there are not a sufficient number of players with which to field a team, fees will be refunded.


  1. Only players who have registered in advance will be allowed to tryout. There will be no “day of” registrations allowed. There are no exceptions to this rule.


  1. Players must attend at least one tryout session and should make every effort to attend both. Players who will miss a tryout session must notify the program coordinator in advance. Failure to attend a session may impact a player’s placement on a team. Players who fail to attend either tryout session will not be placed on a team.


  1. Players who unable to tryout due to injury must still attend tryouts.  If there is a spot on the team after tryouts, the player might be evaluated by a WYBA board member/representative and placed on said team based on the evaluation.  No spots are held for injured players.


  1. Players will be allowed to tryout for a team one grade level above their current grade only if there is no team being fielded in the player’s current grade level.


  1. Tryouts will be administered and organized by an independent group that is not directly affiliated with WYBA. WYBA coaches and may assist with the tryout process and will not evaluate players that they may coach.


  1. The previous season’s end of year players’ evaluations will be taken into account as part of team formation, if they occurred.


2019-2020 Metrowest Game  Schedule (Boys & Girls):

The Metrowest regular season starts on December 7th and ends on March 1st. There are no games on December 29th. Playoff games begin on March 4th.

MetroWest Tryouts and Team Formation

MetroWest Girls Tryouts

Sunday, October 6th @ Wayland Middle School
4-5pm — 5th Grade
5-6pm — 6th Grade
6-7pm — 7th Grade
7-8pm — 8th Grade


Thursday, October 10th @ Wayland Middle School
6:00-6:45pm — 5th Grade
6:45-7:30pm — 6th Grade
7:30-8:15pm — 7th Grade
8:15-9pm — 8th Grade


MetroWest Boys Tryouts

The schedule by grade is below. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in.

Sunday, October 6th

4-5pm — 4th Grade @ Wayland High School
5-6pm — 5th Grade @ Wayland High School
6-7pm — 6th Grade @ Wayland High School
7-8pm — 7th Grade @ Wayland High School
8-9pm — 8th Grade @ Wayland High School


Thursday, October 10th

5:30-6:15pm — 4th Grade @ Wayland Town Building
6:15-7:00pm — 5th Grade @ Wayland Town Building
7:30-8:15pm — 6th Grade @ Wayland High School
8:15-9:00pm — 7th Grade @ Wayland High School
9:00-9:45pm — 8th Grade @ Wayland High School


As we continue to evolve the evaluation process, please be aware of the following:
  • Independent evaluators not affiliated with WYB will supervise and evaluate players.
  • Parents will not be present in the gym during the evaluations. Please either wait outside of the gym or return at the end of the tryout for pickup.
  • Final team selections will be made by WYB. Team selection will be completed and communicated by WYB via email within a week of the last tryout session.
  • A minimum of ten (10) players are required to field a team, with exceptions made when warranted.


Previous placement on a MetroWest team does not guarantee placement on a future team.

Program Fee: $245



If you have three or more children registering this season, please contact us to receive a discount code for $25 off your 3rd registration and beyond.

Financial aid is available for those families who qualify.  For more information, please contact